Northside Cochlear Implant Clinic in Sydney offers relief for Single Sided Deafness

Single sided deafness occurs for a number of reasons including trauma, viral infections, artery blockage and unknown causes. Approximately 1 in 10 000 people will have a sudden deafness that may leave them with a permanent deafness on one side.  Although a person can still function reasonably with single sided deafness, there is good research evidence that it may impact dramatically on social and work interaction.  Furthermore, single sided deafness can leave a patient feeling very isolated in social situations, leading to depression.

The two problems that most trouble a person with single sided deafness are loss of sound directionality (that is working out where sound comes from) and understanding of speech in background noise.  The Cochlear Baha Bone Anchour Hearing implant often provides an excellent solution to these problems.  The Cochlear Baha is a titanium implant that is inserted on to the deaf side and sends sound via bone conduction (vibrations through the skull) to the good ear.  The cochlear baha has a very high sound fidelity, in fact one of our patients is in the sydney symphony orchestra and she says it sounds better than her normal ear!  The Cochlear Baha is said to improve speech understanding in noise by 50%, compared to the unaided situation.

A new Cochlear Baha hearing implant the Cochlear Baha BP100 has just been launched.  The device is significantly smaller, easier to use and provides superb connectivity to other devices such as your ipod, TV and computer.  The Cochlear Baha BP 100 is said to improve speech understanding in noise by 25% more than the older bone anchoured devices.  Norwest ENT Group offers the cochlear baha device through either Norwest Hearing (Bella Vista) or the Northside Cochlear Implant Clinic, based in the lower north shore of Sydney.  For more information on our Cochlear Baha implant services, please visit:

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