Information for Our Patients

As our commitment to high quality post operative care, please feel free to download these post operative instruction sheets to help guide you through the recovery phase of your operation.

Information about your anesthetic

Anaesthesia for Children
Nutrition before your ENT Surgery
Medications to Avoid before your ENT Surgery

Your admission into hospital

Your admission into Hospital

Post operative Information Sheets

Children’s Tonsillectomy
Grommets (Middle Ear Ventilation Tubes)
After Nasal Surgery
Canalplasty / Atresioplasty
Tympanoplasty/ Mastoidectomy
Bone Anchoured Hearing Implants
Cochlear Implants
Low Sodium Diet
Dexamethasone Information Sheet

Tonsillectomy & Adenoid Surgery Specialists Sydney

Tonsil Removal in Sydney at Norwest ENT Tonsillectomy (also known as tonsil removal) is a very commonly performed procedure […]

Posted on: Thu 1 January 1970