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Tonsil Removal in Sydney at Norwest ENT

Tonsillectomy (also known as tonsil removal) is a very commonly performed procedure in Australia. The current indications (circumstances or signs that the procedure should be performed) for tonsillectomy are as follows.

1) Recurrent tonsillitis
2) Snoring and sleep disordered breathing in children and adults
3) Chronic tonsillitis
4) Tonsillar abscess
5) Unusual appearing tonsil

About the procedure

Tonsil removal at our Sydney clinic is carried out in hospitals by expert surgeons with several years’ experience in this procedure. We minimise risk wherever possible, although this procedure inevitably comes with standard risks of complication from ENT surgery such as infection, bleeding, and breathing difficulty. You will be fully informed of these risks during your pre-surgery consultation appointment/s.

Depending on your individual circumstances and your doctor’s advice, you should be able to return to school or work within a week or two, although it may take longer to be able to eat solid food and return to normal activities. Technically, complete healing from tonsil removal can take around a year.

Dr Tobias Pincock is an expert in child and adult tonsillectomy. If you have any specific concerns or questions, he will be more than happy to address them.


Please call (02) 8883 0744 to make an appointment for you or your child if you think they may require a tonsillectomy. For more information on tonsillectomy, please contact us.

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